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Gold price for today (10 gram) -22-Carat : 28942.90, 24-Carat : Rs.31121.39.,Silver price for today(KG) -Rs.49000.00  .   .,


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Possession of gold by men & women to enhance their beauty can be traced back to the Indian Puranas. Creation of the gold jewelry by an goldsmith ''Achari'' is an gift inherited from  god Lord Vishwakarma and It is evident from the Master Pieces that the this Geniuses have created from time to time  and this creative genius have been passing  on this craftsmen skills from generation to generation. Being a part of such a rich historical background we DESNA JEWELLERS are the wholesale manufactures and suppliers of the gold, diamond, silver, platinum jewelry


Desna jewellers has been serving in this industry for more than 2 years under the mentorship of Mr.Gowri Shankar (Managing Director) who has an experience of 25 years and has been supplying for more than 200 retailers and thousand of its individual clients with Unique, innovative, creative design and patterns. Desna jewellers are always known as a contemporary gold jewelery manufacturer among its clients and in the industry. Our ability to customize products as per the customer's specification has made us the most reliable suppliers among our retail clients and also to our individual clients spread across globe.


Desna is proud about its specialized skilled artisans who are responsible for our growth, our artisan’s team consist of more than 100 members who have specialized in the various process of jewelry craft .Our Passionate ,perfection infected craftsmen ensures that each jewel is a masterpiece that speaks for itself and this innovative designs are invigorated from the Mother Nature .

Today DESNA is looking to expand its roots deep into the industry of wholesale jewelry manufacturing and vision to become INDIA'S LARGEST RELIABLE GOLD JEWELERY MANUFACTURER.